In today’s current world we are so fortunate to have Google, Facebook, and You Tube. We have access to so much information and can instantly find answers to our questions. When I first began my Notary career I did not have access to any of these communication avenues. I had to dig deep and do a lot of research on my own.

The NNA hotline at the time was only available during certain hours. If had a late-night signing or weekend notary that took place off hours, I would scramble and pray to get hold of another notary who hopefully knew how to answer my questions.

I would often call the school where I took my Notary class. However, they were located in Tennessee and I am in California therefore the time difference was challenging. I was very nervous and unsure as a brand-new notary.

Looking back, I wish I had a Notary Mentor. This would have saved me time, energy, and money due to mistakes and lack of knowledge. This Notary knowledge that I was lacking was due to lack of experience, the type I could have gained from someone who had already walked the Notary path before me.

Eighteen years later I have a full time Notary and Loan Signing business and I am that Notary Mentor that I wish I had. Through a lot of hard work, I have obtained over 470+ five-star reviews on Google and Yelp for which I am extremely thankful.

In this high-tech world of Google, Facebook, and You Tube, one has to be very selective in gathering information. Make sure that your answers come from a trusted source. Not Facebook College which is often based on opinions instead of facts pertaining to Notary law. It’s important to rely on the expertise of a Notary who has been doing Notary work and can be trusted to advise you.

Based on my own personal experience and the experience of other notaries, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting a Notary Mentor! I’ll help you become a notary who knows their trade and who will operate as a professional.

Where to Get Notary Mentoring

I can help you handle any of the problems, confusions, uncertainties or nervousness that you have while performing all types of notarizations. From Power of Attorney documents to loan documents I will guide you in being a successful notary.

My Notary Mentorship Program is designed and tailor-made for each Notary student individually. Please feel free to contact me for more information at 818-357-0208 or email