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What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

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How Live Scan Fingerprinting Works

Live Scan Fingerprinting is a method that takes fingerprints digitally (without ink). A person’s fingerprints are scanned directly into the computer.

The side of the finger is placed upon the plate. The finger is then rolled to the other side until it faces the opposite direction. Care is taken to roll each finger, from fingertip to below the first joint, evenly.

Fingerprints are frequently required for doing background checks of employees, volunteers, and independent contractors.

Andrea Soldo Live Scan Fingerprint Operator

Who Can Do Live Scans?

The fingerprinting process must be done by a Live Scan Operator, also known as a Private Service Provider (PSP). The applicants fingerprints are then securely sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ) where the criminal history and background check is researched. Finally, the DOJ sends a report back to the agency that requested it, usually within 48 hours.

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Occupations That Require Live Scan Fingerprinting

Many occupations and volunteer organizations require live scan fingerprinting before you can participate. Some of these activities include:

List of Occupations That Can Require Live Scan Fingerprinting



Non-Profit Organization Staff

Resident Care Staff and Volunteers



Notary Publics

School Administrative Staff




School Contractors and Volunteers

Cannabis Related Businesses

Government Employees

Occupational Therapists

Security Guards

Car Salespeople

Hazmat Drivers


Social Service Workers

Casino Employees

Home Care Service Staff or Volunteers


Speech Therapists

Childcare Service Staff or Volunteers

Immigration Consultants

Personal Trainers

Sports Coaches and Volunteers


Insurance Agents



Church Staff and Volunteers


Physical Therapists


Commercial Drivers

Legal Office Staff

Police Officers


Commercial Pilots

Liquor License Holders

Private Investigators


Live Scan Operators


Daycare Center Staff or Volunteers

Massage Therapists

Real Estate Agents

Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting can meet you and your staff at your next group event. Or you can schedule an appointment right away and we’ll coordinate a group live scan.

certifications Andrea's Mobile Live Scan and Notary

Live Scan Fingerprinting Available 7 Days a Week!

Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Certifications

✔️ Andrea has been a professional certified notary public since 2006.

✔️ She has been background checked by the Department of Justice.

✔️ She is Finger Printer Roller and an Approved Private Service Provider (PSP).

As a mobile Live Scan Operator, Andrea can provide fingerprinting services whenever and wherever you need it.

She specializes in large groups and can work with you any day of the week, including weekends.

What is Required for a Live Scan?

It is important that you come properly prepared for your live scan fingerprinting session! The following items are required:

1 – You must bring a Request for Live Scan Fingerprinting Services Form. This form will be given to you by the agency that is requesting live scan fingerprints. They will also give you instructions for your form, since different forms are used by each agency.

2 – You must have a valid government-issued photo identification card. “Valid” means that your ID must not be expired. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • DMV Driver’s License
  • DMV ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID Card
  • Alien Registration Card/Green Card
  • Government Photo ID Card

3 – Please bring 3 copies of your live scan forms, filled out and completed, to your Live Scan Appointment.

If  you are not sure, please call me at 818-357-0208 prior to your appointment.


Fees for Various Live Scan Services

❑ Live Scan Fingerprint Rolling: starting at $55 *

❑ Ink Fingerprinting Cards: $55

❑ Department of Justice (DOJ) fee: starting at $32

❑ FBI fee if required: starting at $17

❑ Travel fee: starting at $65

❑ Wait Time Fee: Wait time fee of $15.00 will be charged after 20 minutes of scheduled signing appointment. There will be an additional $15 fee for each additional 15 minutes.

❑ Returned Check Fee: Returned check fee of $35 will be charged for NSF when paying by check.

Please call 818-357-0208 for a quote, or email us here. Once you provide the Live Scan Operator with all the details, we can give you a total price prior to the fingerprinting session.

* The fingerprint rolling fee of $55 does not include any State fees for which the applicant may be responsible. The State fees will be collected at time of service and then paid to the State by the Live Scan Operator.

Walk-In Live Scan Appointments

When booking a walk-in appointment a $25 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule the appointment. When the Live Scan service is performed the $25 applies towards the rolling fee and the $30 is due after applicant is fingerprinted.

If the appointment is canceled, the $25 deposit is forfeited.

Additional Costs and Information for Live Scan Services

Travel fee: Starts at $65, depending upon fingerprinting location, distance, and the level of service required. Level of service is determined by the kind of application you are submitting to the DOJ.

There may be additional fees for after hours, holidays or other special circumstances.

Each application has an ORI Code. The Live Scan application will be issued to you by your employer or referring agency. You can provide us with the ORI Code and we will let you know the fee for Live Scan DOJ/FBI.

There is a $25 cancellation fee for all live scan and notary appointments.

Forms of Payment

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Venmo and
  • Check.

Ink Card Fingerprinting Services

We also provide ink card fingerprinting services.

The ink card FD258 is often used for applying for an occupation, type of licensing, or permit outside of California. However, the ink cards are sometimes used in California. Doing two fingerprint ink cards is recommended. The price per card is $55.

ink card fingerprinting

Reviews – What People Say About Working with Andrea!

I was applying for out of state licensing in a place that only does ink-rolled prints — not easy to find in my area — and I was so annoyed with the first three places I called – they were super impatient with me. THEN, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Andrea.

She is AMAZING. Definitely an experienced professional who did 4 cards super quickly, but she is also responsive, reliable, reasonable AND just a very nice person with a great personality. I recommend her to anyone!

Cindy McCaughey

Andreas’s Mobile Notary is fast and precise. I found her on Yelp and immediately called to make an appointment for a live scan fingerprinting service. She sounded very knowledgeable and accommodating and despite having a very busy schedule, gave me an appointment right away. Meeting with Andrea was pure pleasure. She is as professional as she is lively and warm. I will be using Andrea’s services again and will be recommending her to friends and colleagues. Thank you! ?

Garen A.

I will only book fingerprints and notarize through Andrea. I was very frustrated with the other options available to Californians for these services. She showed great empathy and went out of her way to help me get what I needed finally done. She was extremely kind and professional. She was prepared and fast. I am really grateful that I contacted her. Trust me, she’s the best option out there!

Brad St. Patrick

What Happens After the Live Scan Session and Other Live Scan Fingerprinting FAQs

Why did my fingerprints get rejected and what do I do now?

Fingerprints can be rejected by the Department of Justice on occasion for a few reasons. The most common is that the applicant’s prints have characteristics such as scars, cuts, or calluses that are difficult to capture via live scan. If an applicant is rejected on this basis, and they were originally scanned by Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan, we will resubmit your fingerprints at no additional charge. If a re-scan is needed due to fingerprint rejection, applicants must notify Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan within 30 days. After 30 days, you will have to come back for a re-scan in person.

If applicant has received a fingerprint rejection letter by the DOJ within 30 days, you must notify Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan within that 30-day period. If an applicant notifies us after 30 days, the applicant will be responsible for a travel fee to re-scan prints.

Do you keep my fingerprints on file?

Fingerprints are not kept on file Live Scan Operator after 30 days. After Live Scan submits your fingerprints, any questions should be directed to the requesting agency.

Can you help me with filling out my live scan forms?

No. The California DOJ prohibits us from assisting applicants with their applications. If the application is incomplete or incorrect, we are required to refer you back to the employer or agency that referred you.

What if I make a mistake on the live scan application forms?

If you make a mistake on the form and Andrea’s Mobile Live Scan submits it, you will need to correct the form and pay for a re-submission. Make sure all your information is complete and correct before the Live Scan session.

Should I include the FBI search option on my applicaton?

Don’t request a particular search level unless you have confirmed it is available to your employer, organization, or agency. If you are not sure, check with them and with your California DOJ rep.

Can I use one Live Scan submission for more than one organization?

No. You will need to schedule one live scan session and submit the forms required for each requesting organization, employer, or agency. For example, if you need live scan fingerprints for your church and your employer, you will need two sets of forms and two live scan sessions.

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