Do you have your notary commission but are uncomfortable, nervous or uncertain about performing notarizations?

Do you feel like, although you have passed the state exam, you don’t completely know or understand what you are doing?

Do you feel like you could possibly lose income or lose a client because you don’t know how to be a notary?

Would you like to earn more money in less time?

If taking your notary exam for the first time, are you concerned you’ll be nervous, uncomfortable, or uncertain when going out into the field to notarize?

My name is Andrea with Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing. I have been a notary for over 16 years. When I passed my first exam and received my first notary commission I really didn’t know what I was doing. I made errors that could have been avoided. These errors resulted in lost business and income. Today, I own and run a successful notary business, and teach notaries how to perform notarizations successfully on any and all types of documents from Power of Attorney to loan documents.

I can help you handle any of the problems, confusions, uncertainties or nervousness that you have performing notarizations. I’ll help you become the notary who knows their trade and will be a professional. Become the notary that you would like to be!

This is easy to do and usually only takes a few hours. Our fee is affordable and you can make back this fee in no time. I’m proud to say, Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing has more than 200 five star reviews between Google and Yelp!


For more information on this service, call me or email me, Andrea at

or email at [email protected]

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