Closing Disclosure

    One of the most important documents that one receives in the loan signing process is called a Closing Disclosure. This is a five-page document that the lender will provide three days before the final closing.   The Closing Disclosure will include the final loan terms and closing costs. […] Read more »

A K A Document in Loan Signing   

    The Signature /Name Affidavit will appear in loan signing documents. There may be one name or several names that the borrower has been known as or has gone by in the course of their life. This is a very important document and the signer might query the names that […] Read more »

Owner Statement and Acknowledgment of Compliance

  As a Mobile Notary there are many forms that Contractors need to have notarized. The Owner Statement and Acknowledgment of Compliance is issued from the city of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. This particular form must be completed, signed, and notarized by the owner. Once the notary […] Read more »