Servicing Physicians and Pharmacists

One of the services that I specialize in as a notary is the CURES Project. This project’s mission is to monitor controlled substance prescriptions. All prescription drug history information is maintained in the California’s Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System, or Cures, a database which contains 86 million records. The database includes information about the drug dispense, drug quantity and strength, patient name, address, prescriber name, and authorization number including DEA number or prescription number. California doctors and pharmacies are required to report to the California Department of Justice, within a seven day period of time, certain classifications of drugs that are written.

Giving this brief summary, one can see that this is a big project! As a notary I am glad to be helping out physicians and pharmacists. I have been working diligently with major medical establishments and corporations as of January 1 2015. I am so glad to have the responsibility of handling this type of notarization. I am looking forward to notarizing for more physicians and pharmacists and wrapping up this project by January 1, 2016.