I often get inquires from new notaries regarding my Notary Mentorship teaching. I am frequently asked basic important questions pertaining to how my Notary Mentorship can help them and what I have to offer.

When I first started my Notary journey I did not have access to all the conveniences of today. I’m talking about conveniences such as going to Google to find an answer to that notary question immediately or a Facebook group with information in which I could almost get an instant answer, or a You Tube channel offering free data to provide information about the Notary and Loan Signing industry.

If I wanted information I had to dig deep and be resourceful. I would have to call other Notaries, hope that the question didn’t come up at a time when the NNA hotline was closed. Looking back, I wish could have had a Notary Mentor!

Half of learning in education is a balance between the theory and the practical in life. So, the theory of notary work, for example, would answer the question of what a Notary Acknowledgment or Jurat looks like. The practical application of learning would entail how do you fill out the Notary Acknowledgment or Jurat out properly.

The experiences of real life the mistakes, awkward notary situations, unusual forms, and confusions of a Notary that has walked before you are priceless. If I had a Notary Mentor at the beginning of my Notary career I would have saved myself a lot of time, energy, and money.

In my Notary career I found that the costliest lessons of time and money have been the ones that I have retained the most. These Notary learning lessons have only come about through real life experiences not something that I could ever have read about in a Notary handbook. Don’t get me wrong, the Notary handbook is very useful, and a Notary should always know their state laws and notarial procedures.

I receive a lot of joy and happiness when I see my Notary students become more confident and capable. I love to see the anxiety and nervousness disappear. The ability to know your job and make more money in less time are also advantages of using my Notary Mentorship program.

I welcome you to check out Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing. Read some of my notary reviews. I currently have over 400+ five-star reviews on Goggle and Yelp for which I am extremely grateful.