This week in my mobile notary and loan signing business, I have had an opportunity to provide loan signings for two clients who were selling their homes. This type of loan singing is called a Seller’s Package. By coincidence, both sellers had property that they were selling in New Jersey.

It is very important when notarizing out of state documents, that the Loan Singing Agent pays close attention to the verbiage on the documents that the signers are signing and where the notary is placing their notary seal on the document.

For example, an affidavit will contain the wording, “sworn” or “affirmed” before a notary or any public official. However, if that notary certificate has New Jersey verbiage and the loan signing agent is in California a California Jurat must be supplied and attached to the documents. When performing a notary on these types of documents the notary and loan signing agent must have signers swear before the notary under oath and sign the document in the presence of the notary or loan signing agent.

Then, the notary signs and places their seal on the affidavit. A thumbprint is always required in the notary’s journal on Jurats and affidavit types of notaries. If the signer is uncomfortable swearing to a Supreme Being, then affirming on one’s personal honor that everything in the document is true and correct is required. This type of notarization is extremely important because the Jurat will provide proof that the signer told the truth regarding information in the document under the penalty of perjury when the document is notarized.