As a Mobile Notary there are many forms that Contractors need to have notarized. The Owner Statement and Acknowledgment of Compliance is issued from the city of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. This particular form must be completed, signed, and notarized by the owner. Once the notary is complete, the form is then provided to the Building Official prior to final inspection.

As a traveling Notary, I often receive notary requests for this very important form. The notarial section does not require an oath therefore a Notary Acknowledgment is used and provided on the form. The signer will indicate what improvements have been made for example installation of smoke detectors or Seismic Shut-Off Gas or Excess Flow Valve.

In the notarial section it is imperative that the notary seal is clear and not smudged. The notary section must also be filled out clearly and accurately in order to be filed at the Department of Building and Safety.

I am happy as a mobile notary to help contractors and individuals notarize this form. And I will travel to you for all your notary needs.