Live Scan Fingerprinting is very common in California. They are many jobs, entities, employers, and volunteer agencies that require Live Scan background checks. In California the first step is getting a request for Live Scan form.

The Live Scan operator cannot Live Scan a potential applicant without the request for Live Scan form. The Live Scan operator does not have access to your type of Live Scan request form and cannot legally provide one to you. It is always best to refer back to the requesting agency for the Live Scan request form.

Another common question that I am asked is “how much is live scan fingerprinting going to cost me”? Great question we always want to know ahead of time how much a service will cost.

The Live Scan progress has two service costs in connection with the Live Scan process. The Live Scan applicant has government fees that are separate from the Live Scan operator’s fees. This government fee is the Department of Justice and/ or the FBI fees. Depending on the type of application for example a gun permit Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) there would be a DOJ and FBI plus the DOJ Firearm Eligibility Report. The fees for that type of application would be $115.00.

The second fee associated with Live Scan is the rolling/ submission fee charged by the operator. This is a separate fee from the government fees. When the Live Scan operator submits your fingerprints, the operator is responsible to collect your government fees in order to pay the DOJ/ FBI on your behalf.

I recently had the pleasure to help a Church with a large group of people that were employees or volunteers that needed Live Scan fingerprinting. This is very rewarding for me to help a Church organization. If you have a large group of people let us come to you! Whether you are a Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Church organization, mental health group we are here to help you with the Live Scan Fingerprinting process.

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