Listed below are two very common types of notarial acts performed in the state of California. This is a basic overview that will help to familiarize oneself with them.

Grant Deed

A Grant Deed is a very basic yet important form used to transfer title to a house or other type of real estate, from seller to buyer. Lenders and title insurers require this type of form because it lets these entities know that their property, loan or insurance policy is secure.

A Grant Deed form requires basic information such as: name of the new owner, the signature of the person who is conveying title, and a legal description of the property being conveyed by the deed.

Deed of Trust

An important fact regarding a deed of trust is that it has an advantage over a mortgage from a lender’s vantage point. If a borrower defaults on a loan, the trustee has the power to foreclose on the property on behalf of the beneficiary.

There are three parties that need to be involved in a Deed of Trust transaction according to California Law. There are as listed below.

  • The “Trustor” is the person who borrowed the money.
  • The “Beneficiary” is the person who is lending the money.
  • The “Trustee” is the neutral 3rd party who will issue the release of the loan once it is all paid completely in full.

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