There are many Vital Records Applications that need to be notarized. Recently, I had two mobile notary clients who needed their vital records applications notarized.

Application For Certified Copy Of Marriage Record and Application For Certified Copy Of A Birth Record are the names of the Applications that required my notary service. With both of these types of documents the applicant must provide proof of identification in order to prevent fraud. Hence, the need for a notary. The notary journal is filled out according to notary law and procedure and the oath is taken before the notary.

In the State of California, a notary is not able to certify copies of any original vital records. Some examples of vital records are birth, marriage, or death certificates. However, a notary is able certify copies of Powers of Attorney, or if requested by Secretary of State or a court, the Notary’s journal entry.

For notaries residing in other states it is always important to check the notary laws pertaining to your state. Vital Records Applications notary procedure and laws might vary from state to state.