A document that I am often asked to notarize is a Permission to Travel document for a minor. Often a child is only traveling with one parent and therefore the other parent must have a Permission to Travel form filled out and notarized. Often the U.S. customs will ask for documentation and if the document is not notarized the permission letter could result in a denial to the entry of the country. If the child is traveling with an adult other than their parents, both parents must provide a written permission to travel form. This is a common mobile notary request.

A permission to travel form can be accessed on line. Notary law in California requires the signer to sign before the notary. And the signer must provide the notary with a valid form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport. The permission to travel form will often require a California Acknowledgment or a California Jurat.  Questions sometimes arise when notarizing this type of document. The signer should always contact the company or entity that is requiring the document to be signed and notarized. Often the rules and regulations regarding the form can vary from entity to entity. For example, a certain airline may require a notarized form. Also depending on the destination of the country one is traveling to, that country may require a notarized form as well.

With summertime approaching, I expect to perform many mobile notaries for minors who are traveling. And I am always happy to help especially in last minute situations.