A notarized letter of consent is a vital form for parents regarding travel for the children. Due to increasing concern for the safety of children, and in an effort to prevent them from being illegally immigrated to foreign countries many governments have initiated special requirements when children under 18 years of age are traveling without both parents. If your child is going to be traveling internationally both parents need to sign a notarized consent to travel form. After a divorce, things can become more difficult for all members of a family.  One area that can lead to major problems are issues regarding travel out of state.  Often documentation or permission is needed for a minor child to by travel out of state. This notarization should be done on behalf of the person or guardian who is handling the major decisions and legal decisions for the minor.
The form should contain have some basic information. This information should include the child’s full name and address, the names and addresses of both parents, the names and addresses of the adults of the adults that will be traveling with the child, the dates of travel and destination. If the parent doesn’t want to draft up this form, it can be downloaded from the internet by a simple goggle search of Child Travel Consent Form.
A temporary Power of Attorney is suggested in types of situations where the child’s activities can be considered dangerous. Para sailing or zip lining are examples of these types of activities and due to the fact that parental consent is required a temporary Power of Attorney is recommended. A temporary Power of Attorney  must always  be notarized.
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