I received a request to perform mobile notary service from a client that found me on Yelp so after a brief phone conversation we scheduled the notary appointment. The day of mobile notary service I realized that I had a gap between appointments. This often occurs in a mobile notary day, so I decided to grab a cup of coffee.

When I arrived to perform notary service the family was warm and welcoming. The type of notary they needed was for a Grant Deed. Grant Deeds are a common document for a mobile notary to notarize. The family explained the circumstances surrounding the Grant Deed, which was that they were originally from Hungary and were caring for an older gentleman for which the Grant Deed concerned. I performed the notary and I could see how very close the family was to this man. They had been taking care of him and his wife who had recently passed away for many years.

I received payment from the gentleman for my mobile notary services and then we started talking. I was instantly intrigued by him and in the time that we spent together he was kind and generous to me.

The man told me about his life. He was a concentration camp survivor from Hungary. He had lived in several countries after World War Two, one of which was Canada. During that time there wasn’t wool clothing like jackets or slacks available for purchase in Canada. He traveled to Paris and studied their fashions, which included wool wear. On his return to Canada he formed his own clothing company which focused on children’s wear.

He struggled with cutting the patterns in the beginning and was just getting ready to give up. But after perseverance he succeeded in cutting the patterns. He used his skill from his experience in cartography, or map-making to draw the clothing patterns from the live fashion runway shows he attended. The company was a success and now the children had warm clothing to wear in the Winter.

Before I realized it, the time that I had in between mobile notary appointments passed and had to get to my next notary. I could have spent the whole day taking to this amazing man. Though he had a very difficult life, he had done so well and been so innovative. I admired him so much.