I love being a Notary Public! I am currently on my 16th year of being a Mobile Notary. My company name is Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing. My website is www.MobileNotarybyAndrea.com I am very proud and thankful to say that I have reached 236+ five star reviews on Google and 50+ On Yelp.

The Role of a Notary Public

The job and role of a Notary Public is an extremely important one. The role of a Notary Public holds a lot of responsibility and importance pertaining  to fraud and signer identification.  As a Notary Public it is important to know your documents and your Notary laws pertaining to your state. A Notary can never go wrong following and knowing Notary law! In fact knowing and applying your Notary law can be a lifesaver! When becoming a Notary Public you will take an oath of office. That Notary oath is a honor to be able to take and service others with their notary needs.

I choose to be a Mobile Notary and not have a walk-in service. This provides the public who need Mobile Notary service the convenience of a Mobile Notary. Often the pubic can not drive to a Notary store. This is where Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing provides the professional Notary service needed to notarize any type of document including your loan documents. Having the skill set as a Notary is great adding the expertise of Loan Signing is extremely valuable.

After 16 years of being a Notary Public I have now added Notary Mentorship as a service. I enjoy educating other Notaries and seeing the Notary field grow and expand with bright capable Notary Publics!

Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing