I am currently on my 16th year of being a Notary! I truly love being a Notary  and I am now expanding my Notary business into Notary Mentoring!

The importance of having a mentor when starting in any new field can not be stressed enough. In any industry one will learn as they go through the practical application of what they are learning. However, if one can learn and  benefit thorough the mistakes and experiences of others a lot of hardship and be prevented.

Knowing the basics pertaining to Notary is key in building confidence and security. This includes being able to apply your notary knowledge when performing notarizations. I can help you handle any of the problems, confusions, uncertainties or nervousness that you have performing notarizations. Please check out my Google and Yelp reviews!

For more information about notary mentorship call Andrea 818-357-0208 or contact me here.

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