The title of this article might already be of some interest to you already! As a notary this is a very challenging and can be a very tedious notary. In twelve years I have done only a handful of these types of notarizations. However these types of notaries are extremely important and must follow all the exact steps of the notarial laws.

Recently I performed a notary for a client who could not sign her name. The law in California requires two witness for this type of notary. I was not prepared for the challenges that were prevalent during the notary. The witness have three vital steps during the notary that have to be performed consecutively and precisely. While trying to notarize, the two witness would stop and care for the patient in the middle of the notary. This might not seem like a big deal to get an interruption. One might just continue the notary where you left off. However, this is not so easy when I have to ensure that the witness are following the steps according to notary laws. I also have to obtain their signatures three different times and on three different places between the document and my journal. I was doing  my best to handle all of this while a feeding tube was administered several times and the temperate in the house was 83 degrees. The signer needed heat running. I had to put my uncomfortable feelings aside event though I was trying to concentrate and I didn’t want to error on the Power of Attorney.

I always try to put myself in someone else’s shoes and be patient. I was so dizzy from the heat in house and what was supposed to take twenty minutes was way over an hour, not to mentioned this was my second trip to the house to try to perform notary service. Tried, hungry, and hot then came the next challenge. Just as I was about to obtain what we call in the notary world SIGNATURE BY MARK the patient’s  father says he will not allow the notary to be performed until her mom comes back from shopping at Costco. I am left waiting for the mom.

The mom shows up and I am ready to notarize by SIGNATURE BY MARK. Yeah I am on the home stretch. The witness then decided to feed her again and I am left waiting. After feeding her another challenge presented itself. They couldn’t  get her upright and comfortable to make a mark! I realized something had to be done to complete this notary.  I decided with all the care and concern for the signer I would assist and aid. I got in communication with her, placed the journal on her lap, got a pen that she could hold comfortably and was able to obtain her SIGNATURE BY MARK.

When I left I was exhausted! I was so proud that I performed notarization and helped someone who so desperately need my services. I also am very capable and proud of being a notary public!