I recently received a call to notarize a common form that relates to a pension. I scheduled what seemed to be a traditional notary.

When I entered into the clients home, the lady that greeted me was using a walker and the gentleman that I was performing notary services for was bedridden. The man was in so much discomfort and was very frustrated. He told me he couldn’t stand up nor could he lie down comfortably. He also appeared to be very angry with his circumstances. Who wouldn’t be frustrated and angry!

As I continued with the notary, I looked around and noticed that he was a veteran. I always take the time to tell a veteran thank you for serving our country. No matter where I am I will always express my gratitude towards veterans! I told him thank you for serving our country and I let him know how appreciative I was that I have my freedom as a result of his servitude. HE WAS SHOCKED THAT I THANKED HIM! By the way, I believe his injuries where due to being in the war. His whole demeanor changed. He even cracked a small smile. Then he started to talk to me as if he had no one in life that would listen to him. I listened and I thanked him again. He told me how happy he was that I came to notarize for him. I felt like I was there that day to do more than notarize and that the role of being a mobile notary was only part of my job that day.

I always give a discount to veterans. I offered them the discount and they thanked me and asked for my business card. As I said goodbye to the gentleman I noticed he was sitting upright in bed. He made the effort to sit up and stay upright in order to say goodbye to me and then gave a faint smile. I almost shed a tear. It took a lot of effort for him to sit up. I could hear him moan as he tried to sit up. I felt so happy he made the effort to sit up and say goodbye to me. This notary job really left an impression on me.

So my friends and fellow readers LET’S ALL TAKE THE TIME TO THANK OUR VETERANS!