I often get asked numerous questions  when a client needs a notarization on a document from another state. California notary laws have a few restrictions if a California notary puts their notary stamp on an out of state acknowledgement. If the document has the word “sworn”  a California Jurat must be used. Often a California notary can notarize on the document that is being presented from another state. If a few key words are unacceptable on the out of state acknowledgement a California Acknowledgement must be used.

From a client standpoint the question is a legitimate one. In fact I will always explain what I am doing regarding the notary and if I will be attaching a California Acknowledgement I will explain why the attachment is necessary. I often have to explain multiple times to the client why I can’t use the notary that has been supplied which I am more than happy to do. Following California notary law is of the upmost importance to me along with providing the top-notch notary service to all my clients.

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