In my mobile notary business, I am so fortunate to come across some of the most lovely people. I received a call from a real estate agent who was requesting my mobile notary services. I booked the appointment for later that evening.

When I showed up the family was very frustrated. Apparently the documents had been notarized that morning and had to be notarized again due to errors.

The document was very important—a Grant Deed. If a Grant Deed has any errors the County Recorder will reject it and the notary will have to be performed again. When a Grant Deed has to be notarized all over again this can delay the process of buying and selling real estate. I reassured them that I would take care of the notary competently and efficiently with no errors. The family was very warm and pleasant to me despite their frustration. They even offered me dinner!

After the Grant Deed was correctly notarized, I was offered a cup of Armenian coffee. The family was celebrating their Mother’s 78th birthday. I felt like at the end of a long day I didn’t want to leave. I sat down and had cake and coffee with this wonderful Armenian family. I even got to sing happy birthday to their mom. I so enjoyed being with this family! We laughed and spoke as if we’d known each other for a long time.

They were so grateful that I was able to not only notarize the Grant Deed for them at the last minute but that they felt secure that their documents were notarized properly. I was so grateful to them for expressing their gratitude for my mobile notary service and for their kindness and hospitality at the end of a very long day. It never ceases to amaze me who I will meet and whom I will have the pleasure of helping in my mobile notary business.