Need a notary or loan signing agent?

A person might wonder when closing a loan what exactly is a Loan Signing Agent or a Notary Signing Agent. What is this person’s role in this transaction? Why do they have to schedule an appointment with me in order to close my loan? These are important and common questions when dealing with various types of loan documents.

The Notary Signing Agent receives and reproduces documents for a loan signing appointment, and is responsible for making sure that the documents have been properly executed by a borrower, and notarizes the necessary forms and returns the completed documents to the entity that represents the buyer. This entity handles the closing of the loan and the legal transfer of title and ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer. Usually the loan closing is conducted by title companies, escrow companies or attorneys.

A Notary Signing Agent is not the employee of the closing agent, whom is usually a lender or a title company, but is in business independently. A Notary Signing Agent role is to facilitate the signing portion of the transaction. This is a completely different role than that of a lender. A lender is a bank, mortgage company or mortgage banker that originates a loan and lends money. A Notary Signing Agent is considered a neutral third party, whose responsibilities when executed in a timely and proper manner enable a person’s loan to close. Without this crucial neutral third party carrying their responsibilities one could not close their loans.

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