Here is some additional information on grant deeds. A grant deed is used in the State of California. There is another type of deed called a warranty deed as well. A warranty deed however is not used in the State of California.

A grant deed is extremely important due to the fact that it transfers the owner’s ownership and permits that title of the property has not been transferred to another person or party. This deed is most common and is used in most states.

A grant deed’s goal and purpose is to gain and establish who has title to the property. When the grant deed is finalized any prior written and recorded deeds now become subordinate to the deed that has been written and recorded.

Now let’s look at a warranty deed. This type of deed is one that is responsible for the transfer of ownership and precisely promises the buyer that the grantor now has title to the property. This type of deed might have other details and agreements concerning the transaction.

A person may have some difficulty when trying to research title to a property if a grant deed does not appear. A grant deed is almost always notarized. A notary should always exercise  special attention to details when performing notarial services, due to the fact that the deed will be recorded by the County Recorders Office. The County Recorder Office is very particular regarding the notarized deed and requires that the notarization is clear and not smudged. This included all writing and signatures on the deed as well.

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