Lately I have been receiving a lot of phone calls inquiring about my mobile notary services. The question most often asked is, “What is your charge or what do you charge for notary services?” I first need to find out where one would like me to travel to and how many signatures does the client need notarized to provide an accurate quote. Many of the responses I am receiving back from the potential clients are that they don’t understand or are unwilling to pay a travel fee. So I would like to clarify what exactly a mobile/traveling notary is.

A notary public is considered a public officer appointed by a state government. The primary job duty of a notary is to help prevent fraud by witnessing the signing of documents and verifying their authenticity. A traveling mobile notary means that I come to you! This involves driving to you so you can avoid the inconvenience and expense of having to leave your location, spending your time finding a notary and gasoline going to a notary to have your documents notarized. Many people utilize Andrea’s Mobile Notary because they can’t leave their office, home, or business to obtain a notary. A person who is ill and unable to drive or in a nursing facility they definitely need someone to travel to them for their notary services.

The other night I received a call from a man who was on a construction site working. I was having difficulty hearing him on his phone because the job site had poor reception. He was really in a bind. He needed a loan paper notarized that evening, he had forgotten all about the paperwork and the deadline to submit the notary. I drove to his job site and the street he was working on had no street lights! I could hardly see a thing! I performed the service in my car, I mean my office. He was so thankful. His exact words were that I saved the day! I felt such satisfaction and happiness that I helped him. The challenges I encountered where so worth it to me because he was happy and relieved that he now might be able to save his house in time.

This story is being told so that one might see the factors involved in being a mobile notary and why one chooses to pay for a traveling mobile notary. I love providing traveling notary service to people such as the gentleman I just mentioned. This makes my job so worthwhile.