Recently I decided to attend a network meeting. I introduced myself to the group and stated my company is Andrea’s Mobile Notary. I explained I’m both a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent who handles home loans and mortgage documents. I explained some of the documents that need notarization: Deeds, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Loans, etc. And as a Mobile Notary I will travel anywhere. I often go to hospitals, offices, homes, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, and jails.

The reaction from the group was one of shock and surprise that I would go to prisons and jails! I said even people in prisons need a notary! They replied, thank goodness there are Mobile Notaries who are willing to take on the task of helping those who are locked up!

Later on, I got to thinking about the types of places I’ve gone to perform Mobile Notary Services. I even had to notarize a Grant Deed while a client was on her break and we had to use the trunk of my car because she couldn’t let me into her place of employment. There was a time crunch and the lender needed the loan documents sent out the same day. And this was the only time the client had.

I’ve traveled to clients’ homes and offices. One of my Mobile Notary appointments was scheduled by a personal assistant and when I arrived it was a famous actor. This actor was most known for a movie that happened to be the screensaver on my phone! He was so happy to meet a big fan of his motion picture. And I was more than happy to meet him. He gave me his autograph separate from the signature in my notary journal. And I didn’t have to notarize that!