I  am currently going on my 16th year of being a Mobile Notary!  I became a Notary because a colleague of mine in the Real Estate business asked me to come along with her and become a Notary. I didn’t even know what the functions or duties of Notary Public  were however I went along for the adventure. Little did I know that I would be changing careers and embarking on a new one as a Mobile Notary and then later on become a Loan Signing Agent.

I took the time and invested in my education to really learn mortgage documents. I wanted to know what a Deed of Trust main functions were. How to understand the note and the many other important documents that are in a loan signing package When the refinance boom hit I was glad that I had the skill set as a Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent  to perform notarizations on loan documents. Through the last 16 years I have learned how to  become an expert at notarizing all types of loans from Seller’s packages, Buyer’s packages, HELOC, Loan Modification, and  Refinance documents. I am also an expert at being able to notarize Out-of-State loan documents.

I am often asked by new Notaries if they can jump right in to doing loan signings. My answer is first to have your basics of notary down. Be proficient, confident, and educated at being a Notary and then get educated into Loan Signing. When a potential Mobile Notary Loan Signing client calls me I will often explain that not every Notary is a Loan Signing Agent however every Loan Signing Agent is a Notary. Loan Signing is its own skill set. If you or anyone you know would like to be mentored in Notary or Loan Signing I offer these services as well.

Andrea’s Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Service