This Halloween was a very interesting one. I received a call from a Title Representative in Philadelphia. He was looking at first to have his escrow documents notarized. I asked a couple of questions regarding the mobile notary service he was requesting. I then realized that I should offer my services as a Loan Signing Agent.

He was thrilled that I was knowledgeable about the Grant Deed, Note, Escrow and Impounds Account, Closing Statement, and the PCOR (Preliminary Change of Ownership). I told him that my Loan Signing services included guiding the borrower through all the loan docs, and dropping them off at Fedex. He was pleased that the Loan Signing service that I offered encompassed this. He also said my questions regarding the loan documents were very intelligent ones. I was very pleased to receive such a nice compliment.

So, I headed to my loan signing dressed up for Halloween as a baseball player, a Dodger by the way. I told the Title Representative to let the client know that I would be in costume and mentioned I was excited my team is playing in the World Series tonight. The Title Representative so very appreciative to have a knowledgeable Loan Signing agent available at the last minute and on Halloween night.

Although this was his fourth investment property, the client had many questions about his refinance. I am always happy to help and provide the client with the information needed to guide them through the loan signing process. I notarized all necessary loan documents and completed the loan signing. The borrower was very grateful for my help and services. An interesting Halloween for both of us!

Off to Fedex first thing in the morning! Escrow and the Title Representative were so pleased and happy that the loan funded on time and the loan documents had no errors!