Life Authorization Form


Recently I notarized a form for an elderly gentleman from Austria. Over the years I have seen this type of notary where a country is requesting a notary so that the person signing can receive their benefits.

The benefits that they are receiving are being given to them due to being holocaust survivors. Without a notary, they are unable to receive their pension. My job as a Mobile Notary is not to attest to their being alive, but to ensure that the person signing the document is properly identified and to prevent fraud. The role of a notary varies greatly in European societies, and in some countries a notary has a higher ranking than an attorney. However, it is of vital importance to notarize this and all documents standardly according to California notary laws.

I am always very interested in the stories behind the notary of this document. I feel as if history is sitting right next to me with a story to tell. Then again there is always a story behind every Mobile Notary. This makes my job as a Traveling Notary so worthwhile.




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