One very common type of notary request is for persons who are incarcerated in jails, detention centers, correctional facilities, or prisons. Inmates in jails, detention centers, and prisons often have Power of Attorney, divorce papers, car release documents for tow yard, and various types of legal documents issued from attorneys.

Preparing for a Jail Notary Visit

It is vital to be prepared for this type of jail notary visit. California has very strict notary laws. I will always ask the person who is requesting the notary if they have the inmates identification or does the facility where they are incarcerated have the identification.

In the state of California the law allows Notaries to accept an inmate card which is issued by the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation. I always call before heading to a jail appointment to verify that I will be able to get a professional visit to notarize for the inmate. I also verify what items that I can bring in for example your notary seal, notary journal, pen, my identification, the notary paperwork, and my thumbprinter depending on the type of document. A guard or Correctional Officer will assist you through his or her presence by handing the notary items directly to them and they in turn will hand notary items to the inmate.

The jails and facilities that I provide service to are: Ventura County Jail, Los Angeles Men’s Center Jail, Metropolitan Detention Center, Twin Towers Correctional Facility, North Fork Correctional Center, Pitches Detention Center, Todd Road Jail Facility, Lincoln Heights Jail, and Century Regional Detention Facility. If you need jail notary service please contact me at 818-357-0208.



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