How many times in our life when we are working do we think about helping the person who we’re serving versus the monetary compensation that we are receiving? I pose this question because I encountered a very interesting experience helping with a power of attorney in my Mobile Notary Business recently.

I received a call from a woman to notarize a Power Of Attorney for her elderly mom. She explained that her mom was put in a health care facility by a relative. She said that her mom didn’t want to be there and living conditions in the facility where substandard. The relative who placed her in the home had a Power Of Attorney already. The lady in the home was a concentration camp survivor. Although quite up there in age, she was very aware and alert as to what was going on.

The relative who placed her in the health care facility forbade the mother to have any visitors besides him. Unfortunately, the facility went into agreement with this. The daughter had to put her foot down with them and this caused a big uproar. So, when the daughter wanted me to perform notary service we had to be very clever going about this. I even had to park my car down the street so that the facility couldn’t see my Andrea’s Mobile Notary Service signs.

We scheduled notary services for the Power Of Attorney and when I arrived, there was an uncomfortable feeling in the health care facility. The elderly woman was very thirsty and it seemed like she wasn’t receiving water regularly. Her daughter told me earlier that she was concerned that her mom was dehydrated. We immediately gave her water.

When I explained the details of the Power Of Attorney she was so very interested in having the notary service performed. When the old woman first saw me she was a little frightened and didn’t know what to think. I had so much compassion for this lady I wanted to cry. She had been through so much in her life being in a concentration camp. I could see she wanted out of this facility and her daughter to take her home to care for her. I could also see that she wasn’t being given proper medical care. Without this Power Of Attorney the daughter wouldn’t be able to remove her from this health care facility. I performed the notary service and said a prayer to get this woman home ASAP.

I received a call within a couple of days. My client was able to bring her mom home with her! She said that if it hadn’t been for my being willing to go through the obstacles, being patient with her mom, and properly notarizing the Power of Attorney she would have never been able to take her mom out of the health care facility and have her with her at home now. I felt so happy that I could be part of this experience.