Recently I received a request to perform a notary on a Grant Deed which had already been notarized improperly once. It was executed by another notary and the realtor was very upset and confused as to why the document had to be notarized again.

The name on the document read slightly differently than the name on the signer’s identification, in this case their driver’s license.

The realtor didn’t understand why Escrow needed an additional notary and required two witnesses known to the signer. I explained to her that the County Recorder is very particular because they are dealing with the transfer of property and title.

In order to prevent fraud, names have to match on all forms of identification and the paper work. When a Grant Deed is recorded the name on the Deed must match photo ID identically.

Having two credible witness is one way that can aid in fraud prevention. This is a simple and effective technique that the Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent must follow in order to ensure that all documents are being notarized according to notary laws.

I met with the signer who was a 90-year-old gentleman. Two-credible witness where there as well. I properly identified all parties, and performed the notarization of the Grant Deed. All parties where pleased including Escrow and the County Recorder was able to record the change of title.

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