In the State of California there are several types of documents that require a thumbprint in the notary’s journal. These documents are a Deed, Deed of Trust, Quitclaim Deed, and a Power of Attorney.

These documents are very important because they pertain to real property, financial and health related affairs of an individual. The job of a notary is to prevent fraud. The nature of Deeds deals with title to property and therefore it is of high importance that a notary follows their state laws. Properly identifying the signers involved, obtaining a proper journal entry, and a thumbprint is very important.

A power of attorney is important because it grants someone permission to manage your affairs on your behalf. One can find themselves in a situation in life where they need someone to make decisions on their behalf. The principal is the party giving POA, and the agent is the person receiving the power to act on their behalf. When a person has authority to act on your behalf financially there is a large amount of responsibility that a notary has during the notary process. Once again, following your state laws concerning notarization is vital.

As a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent I often perform notarial services on these types of documents.