A will can be defined as a document in which a person specifies the method in which will be applied regarding the management and the distribution of his estate after his death. A will is a very important document that permits that person, whom is called a testator, to make […] Read more »

Power of Attorney

People often wonder about the importance of a Power of Attorney and wonder when this document will need to be exercised in there personal affairs. This is a type of document that many people will utilize when dealing with financial matters. Many situations will warrant this type of a document […] Read more »

Grant Deeds and Deeds of Trust

Listed below are two very common types of notarial acts performed in the state of California. This is a basic overview that will help to familiarize oneself with them. Grant Deed A Grant Deed is a very basic yet important form used to transfer title to a house or other […] Read more »

Need a Notary or Loan Signing Agent?

Need a notary or loan signing agent? A person might wonder when closing a loan what exactly is a Loan Signing Agent or a Notary Signing Agent. What is this person’s role in this transaction? Why do they have to schedule an appointment with me in order to close my […] Read more »