A Story Behind Every Notary

Recently I received a call to notarize for a elderly women. The women had a very thick Austrain accent and appeared to be very sweet on the phone. I happened to be very close by and offered my notary services promptly. She happily agreed and off I went to notarize. […] Read more »

Notarizing When One Can Not Sign Their Name

The title of this article might already be of some interest to you already! As a notary this is a very challenging and can be a very tedious notary. In twelve years I have done only a handful of these types of notarizations. However these types of notaries are extremely […] Read more »

Requirements of a Mobile Notary

Recently I received a call from a potential notary client. After a short conversation with her I suggested that she check out my reviews on Yelp and my website. Her response was that she didn’t need to see my reviews that all I do is ask for a photo id […] Read more »

Mobile/Traveling Notary

Lately I have been receiving a lot of phone calls inquiring about my mobile notary services. The question most often asked is, “What is your charge or what do you charge for notary services?” I first need to find out where one would like me to travel to and how […] Read more »

Serving Simi Valley

I am happy to now be a resident of Simi Valley again. I originally moved out here in 1989 and lived here until 1996. In returning back to Simi Valley much has changed in terms of development and growth. I love the fact that Simi Valley is adjacent to Thousand […] Read more »

More on Grant Deeds

Here is some additional information on grant deeds. A grant deed is  used in the State of California. There is another type of deed called a warrenty deed as well. A warrenty deed however is not used in the State of California. A grant deed is extremely important due to the […] Read more »

Travel Consent Form Notarizations

A notarized letter of consent is a vital form for parents regarding travel for the children. Due to increasing concern for the safety of children, and in an effort to prevent them from being illegally immigrated to foreign countries many governments have initiated special requirements when children under 18 years […] Read more »

The Duties of a Notary Public

The primary job duty of a notary is to help prevent fraud. This is accomplished by witnessing the signing of documents and verifying their authenticity. Notaries public must also keep documentation of all that they’ve notarized, which is done with an embossed seal or stamp that verifies their presence at […] Read more »

A Day In The Life of a Notary Public

Instead of writing a typical blog regarding notary terms, I thought it would be of interest to write about a day in the life of a notary. This could be very informative to the general public and potential clients in terms of giving an overview of what a traveling  notary […] Read more »

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a topic that many people sometimes avoid or wait until the last minute to handle. The importance of organizing one’ s personal and financial affairs can’t be stressed enough. To have a systematic approach in place in case of a unexpected physical and/or mental incapacity or death […] Read more »