Various Documents That Require Notarization


They are various documents that require that require notarization. Some of which many of us are very familiar with. These include Power of Attorney, Deed of Trust, Permission to Travel Consent for A Minor, Loan Documents, Sworn Statements, Quitclaim Deeds, Spousal Waiver for liquidating a 401k, Compliance Agreement, Bill of Sale, Unclaimed Property Form, Demand Letter, Rental Agreement, Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title, and Prenuptial Agreement to name a few. Often, I see clients that request that I notarize a document that they have drawn up themselves.


Recently, a client contacted me for mobile notary service. His form that needed to be notarized was a Vital Records Los Angeles County/Registrar/ Recorder. The law now requires that anyone with a commercial license is now required to show a certificated copy of birth certificate or a passport. An authorized certified copy of a birth record is required to obtain a driver’s license, passport, social security card and other services related to an individual’s identity.


When notarizing any form for The Los Angeles County/Registrar/Recorder it is very important that the notary pay extra special attention to detail. The Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder can’t record with any typo’s, names not written exactly as issued on the notary form, or any smudges or smears in the notary’s seal. Therefore, if your notary seems to be overly detailed and particular just know that they are doing the notarial duties properly. I hope that this notary information is usefully and helpful.



The Best Medicine

Recently I posted a blog about performing mobile notary service for an elderly woman in an assisted living center. The type of notary service was a Power of Attorney. The notarized documents would provide this woman and her family the rights they needed to remove her from a neglectful assisted living center that was not giving her proper care and grant her daughter the right to care for her.
I received a follow up request regarding the Power of Attorney. When I arrived at the client’s home to perform notary service I couldn’t believe my eyes! The woman who had previously looked frail and ill was now healthy and vibrant. A previously untreated infection had cleared up and even her skin tone looked warm. She recognized me and was very happy to see me. It was immediately evident that the love and proper care she was receiving had completely turned her whole life around.
I notarized another Power of Attorney and some health care documents for her. As I left I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she smiled at me. The client told me that if it wasn’t for my mobile notary services her mom wouldn’t be with her in her home today. There are moments when in this profession I’ve chosen can seem sterile and thankless. But when my mobile notary services can truly make a difference in someone’s life makes it all that much more rewarding.

Threads Of Warmth

I received a request to perform mobile notary service from a client that found me on Yelp so after a brief phone conversation we scheduled the notary appointment. The day of mobile notary service I realized that I had a gap between appointments. This often occurs in a mobile notary day, so I decided to grab a cup of coffee.

When I arrived to perform notary service the family was warm and welcoming. The type of notary they needed was for a Grant Deed. Grant Deeds are a common document for a mobile notary to notarize. The family explained the circumstances surrounding the Grant Deed, which was that they were originally from Hungary and were caring for an older gentleman for which the Grant Deed concerned. I performed the notary and I could see how very close the family was to this man. They had been taking care of him and his wife who had recently passed away for many years.

I received payment from the gentleman for my mobile notary services and then we started talking. I was instantly intrigued by him and in the time that we spent together he was kind and generous to me.

The man told me about his life. He was a concentration camp survivor from Hungary. He had lived in several countries after World War Two, one of which was Canada. During that time there wasn’t wool clothing like jackets or slacks available for purchase in Canada. He traveled to Paris and studied their fashions, which included wool wear. On his return to Canada he formed his own clothing company which focused on children’s wear.

He struggled with cutting the patterns in the beginning and was just getting ready to give up. But after perseverance he succeeded in cutting the patterns. He used his skill from his experience in cartography, or map-making to draw the clothing patterns from the live fashion runway shows he attended. The company was a success and now the children had warm clothing to wear in the Winter.

Before I realized it, the time that I had in between mobile notary appointments passed and had to get to my next notary. I could have spent the whole day taking to this amazing man. Though he had a very difficult life, he had done so well and been so innovative. I admired him so much.

Helping with a Power of Attorney as a Mobile Notary

How many times in our life when we are working do we think about helping the person who we’re serving versus the monetary compensation that we are receiving? I pose this question because I encountered a very interesting experience in my Mobile Notary Business recently.

I received a call from a woman to notarize a Power Of Attorney for her elderly mom. She explained that her mom was put in a health care facility by a relative. She said that her mom didn’t want to be there and living conditions in the facility where substandard. The relative who placed her in the home had a Power Of Attorney already. The lady in the home was a concentration camp survivor. Although quite up there in age, she was very aware and alert as to what was going on.

The relative who placed her in the health care facility forbade the mother to have any visitors besides him. Unfortunately, the facility went into agreement with this. The daughter had to put her foot down with them and this caused a big uproar. So, when the daughter wanted me to perform notary service we had to be very clever going about this. I even had to park my car down the street so that the facility couldn’t see my Andrea’s Mobile Notary Service signs.

We scheduled notary services for the Power Of Attorney and when I arrived, there was an uncomfortable feeling in the health care facility. The elderly woman was very thirsty and it seemed like she wasn’t receiving water regularly. Her daughter told me earlier that she was concerned that her mom was dehydrated. We immediately gave her water.

When I explained the details of the Power Of Attorney she was so very interested in having the notary service performed. When the old woman first saw me she was a little frightened and didn’t know what to think. I had so much compassion for this lady I wanted to cry. She had been through so much in her life being in a concentration camp. I could see she wanted out of this facility and her daughter to take her home to care for her. I could also see that she wasn’t being given proper medical care. Without this Power Of Attorney the daughter wouldn’t be able to remove her from this health care facility. I performed the notary service and said a prayer to get this woman home ASAP.

I received a call within a couple of days. My client was able to bring her mom home with her! She said that if it hadn’t been for my being willing to go through the obstacles, being patient with her mom, and properly notarizing the Power of Attorney she would have never been able to take her mom out of the health care facility and have her with her at home now. I felt so happy that I could be part of this experience.

Notarizing a Grant Deed for a Wonderful Family

In my mobile notary business, I am so fortunate to come across some of the most lovely people. I received a call from a real estate agent who was requesting my mobile notary services. I booked the appointment for later that evening.

When I showed up the family was very frustrated. Apparently the documents had been notarized that morning and had to be notarized again due to errors. The document was very important—a Grant Deed. If a Grant Deed has any errors the County Recorder will reject it and the notary will have to be performed again. When a Grant Deed has to be notarized all over again this can delay the process of buying and selling real estate. I reassured them that I would take care of the notary competently and efficiently with no errors. The family was very warm and pleasant to me despite their frustration. They even offered me dinner!

After the Grant Deed was correctly notarized, I was offered a cup of Armenian coffee. The family was celebrating their Mother’s 78th birthday. I felt like at the end of a long day I didn’t want to leave. I sat down and had cake and coffee with this wonderful Armenian family. I even got to sing happy birthday to their mom. I so enjoyed being with this family! We laughed and spoke as if we’d known each other for a long time.

They were so grateful that I was able to not only notarize the Grant Deed for them at the last minute but that they felt secure that their documents were notarized properly. I was so grateful to them for expressing their gratitude for my mobile notary service and for their kindness and hospitality at the end of a very long day. It never ceases to amaze me who I will meet and whom I will have the pleasure of helping in my mobile notary business.


Notarizing an Out of State Acknowledgement

I often get asked numerous questions  when a client needs a notarization on a document from another state. California notary laws have a few restrictions if a California notary puts their notary stamp on an out of state acknowledgement. If the document has the word “sworn”  a California Jurat must be used. Often a California notary can notarize on the document that is being presented from another state. If a few key words are unacceptable on the out of state acknowledgement a California Acknowledgement must be used.

From a client standpoint the question is a legitimate one. In fact I will always explain what I am doing regarding the notary and if I will be attaching a California Acknowledgement I will explain why the attachment is necessary. I often have to explain multiple times to the client why I can’t use the notary that has been supplied which I am more than happy to do. Following California notary is of the upmost importance to me along with providing the top-notch notary service to all my clients.

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How often in our busy lives do we wait until the last minute even for the most important things? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a phone call and the person needs their Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, Medical Power of Attorney, Special or Limited Power of Attorney, Deed of Trust, or Permission to Travel for a Minor notarized today! I often get asked can you come right now? More often than not, the person has known that they needed to take care of this very important Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive or Medical Power of Attorney weeks or even months before.
Sunday night I received a call from a gentleman inquiring about my mobile notary services. He had a form from work that needed to be notarized. He said he had it for months but needed it notarized by 7 AM tomorrow. When I took the call I paused the movie I was watching at home with friends and excused myself. The time was 7:45 PM. Before he communicated that he needed the notary that night, I gave him a quote for mobile notary services based on traveling to the San Fernando Valley. I explained that I’d be traveling from Simi Valley and the mobile notary fee would reflect that—not to mention I’d be notarizing after 9 PM. He seemed surprised that making a come-right-now appointment on a Sunday evening for notarization might cost a little more than if I were already in the area. I then offered to provide mobile notary service first thing in the morning. I always try to accommodate my clients schedules. Though I can’t please everyone all the time, I still try! I pride myself on good service and wanting to satisfy all my mobile notary clients, and realize that often in our busy society we expect things to be done right now! And it doesn’t matter that we’ve put it off to the last minute. We except the person providing service to come now!
I understand that we all have last minute emergencies in life. So I’ll do everything possible to accommodate you and try not to be so hard on myself when I can’t meet someone’s urgent notary requirements. The moral of the story? Plan ahead if you can but call me, Andrea, for your last minute mobile notary when you can’t. I’ll be there including nights and weekends—even 9:00 PM on a Sunday night! Or 7 AM Monday morning!!
Andrea Augustson

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Appreciation For A Mobile Notary

Request for Illegal Notarization

Recently I was called for a last-minute emergency notary. It was s a typical type of notarization–the client had to have the documents notarized because he had a court appointment the following morning.

As I started to review the documents I noticed his attorney hadn’t supplied paperwork that conformed with California notary law. I always carry current California Acknowledgements and Jurats in case the client doesn’t have what’s needed and wanted to perform proper notarization. I explained to the client that I would be attaching what’s called a “loose certificate.” In layman’s terms I am attaching a copy of the updated, proper California notary certificate. The client was thankful that I was prepared for this type of situation and proceeded to call his attorney and let him know that I was completing notarization. The client informed him that I supplied the proper notary Acknowledgement.

 His lawyer than asked to speak with me and proceed to say he didn’t want any attached paper work and that I had to use what he supplied. When I explained to him that this was breaking the law and I could get fined and possibly lose my license for knowingly committing an illegal act he told me that what he needed overrode notary law! I couldn’t believe my ears. I then explained to him that what I was doing was what the law requires and that it would be acceptable in court tomorrow. He said he didn’t care and that I needed to do this his way. When I explained the gravity of breaking notary law and he started yelling and cussing that I had to do what he wanted. At this point a thirty-minute notary is now a two-hour notary. I was astonished that he wanted me to break the law.

I then handed the phone over to my client and I explained that if he wanted to make it to court tomorrow with the proper notary, then I’ve provided given everything he needs. His mother agreed and proceed to pay me. She also thanked me for my time, being that it was now ten o’clock at night.
As I walked out the door my client was on the phone with his lawyer. His lawyer told my client that I couldn’t leave and that I had to redo everything his way. I turned to my client, stood my ground, reassured him he has everything regarding a proper notarization and wished him good luck in court tomorrow.

 Even though this was a challenging Notary, I felt good in my heart because I stood my ground and did the right thing.

Notarizing For a Veteran

I recently received a call to notarize a common form that relates to a pension. I scheduled what seemed to be a traditional notary.

When I entered into the clients home, the lady that greeted me was using a walker and the gentleman that I was performing notary services for was bedridden. The man was in so much discomfort and was very frustrated. He told me he couldn’t stand up nor could he lie down comfortably. He also appeared to be very angry with his circumstances. Who wouldn’t be frustrated and angry!

As I continued with the notary, I looked around and noticed that he was a veteran. I always take the time to tell a veteran thank you for serving our country. No matter where I am I will always express my gratitude towards veterans! I told him thank you for serving our country and I let him know how appreciative I was that I have my freedom as a result of his servitude. HE WAS SHOCKED THAT I THANKED HIM! By the way, I believe his injuries where due to being in the war. His whole demeanor changed. He even cracked a small smile. Then he started to talk to me as if he had no one in life that would listen to him. I listened and I thanked him again. He told me how happy he was that I came to notarize for him. I felt like I was there that day to do more than notarize and that the role of being a mobile notary was only part of my job that day.

I always give a discount to veterans. I offered them the discount and they thanked me and asked for my business card. As I said goodbye to the gentleman I noticed he was sitting upright in bed. He made the effort to sit up and stay upright in order to say goodbye to me and then gave a faint smile. I almost shed a tear. It took a lot of effort for him to sit up. I could hear him moan as he tried to sit up. I felt so happy he made the effort to sit up and say goodbye to me. This notary job really left an impression on me.

So my friends and fellow readers LET’S ALL TAKE THE TIME TO THANK OUR VETERANS!