Life Authorization Form

  Recently I notarized a form for an elderly gentleman from Austria. Over the years I have seen this type of notary where a country is requesting a notary so that the person signing can receive their benefits. The benefits that they are receiving are being given to them due […] Read more »

Grant Deed

    Recently I received a request to perform a notary on a Grant Deed which had already been notarized improperly once. It was executed by another notary and the realtor was very upset and confused as to why the document had to be notarized again. The name on the […] Read more »

Mobile Notary Travels Anywhere!

Recently I decided to attend a network meeting. I introduced myself to the group and stated my company is Andrea’s Mobile Notary. I explained I’m both a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent who handles home loans and mortgage documents. I explained some of the documents that need notarization: Deeds, […] Read more »

The Role of a Loan Signing Agent

  In today’s modern-day world, one is often overwhelmed by paperwork. When buying a car, buying a home, or refinancing a home, the contracts and paperwork is often like a tome. We often do not understand much of the language and nomenclature and need a well-educated and well- informed professional […] Read more »


    This Halloween was a very interesting one. I received a call from a Title Representative in Philadelphia. He was looking at first to have his escrow documents notarized. I asked a couple of questions regarding the mobile notary service he was requesting. I then realized that I should […] Read more »

Various Documents That Require Notarization

  They are various documents that require that require notarization. Some of which many of us are very familiar with. These include Power of Attorney, Deed of Trust, Permission to Travel Consent for A Minor, Loan Documents, Sworn Statements, Quitclaim Deeds, Spousal Waiver for liquidating a 401k, Compliance Agreement, Bill […] Read more »

The Best Medicine

Recently I posted a blog about performing mobile notary service for an elderly woman in an assisted living center. The type of notary service was a Power of Attorney. The notarized documents would provide this woman and her family the rights they needed to remove her from a neglectful assisted […] Read more »

Threads Of Warmth

I received a request to perform mobile notary service from a client that found me on Yelp so after a brief phone conversation we scheduled the notary appointment. The day of mobile notary service I realized that I had a gap between appointments. This often occurs in a mobile notary […] Read more »

Helping with a Power of Attorney as a Mobile Notary

How many times in our life when we are working do we think about helping the person who we’re serving versus the monetary compensation that we are receiving? I pose this question because I encountered a very interesting experience in my Mobile Notary Business recently. I received a call from […] Read more »

Notarizing a Grant Deed for a Wonderful Family

In my mobile notary business, I am so fortunate to come across some of the most lovely people. I received a call from a real estate agent who was requesting my mobile notary services. I booked the appointment for later that evening. When I showed up the family was very […] Read more »